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D/R Dresse Sahilu Goshu

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Bahir Dar is a place where young people can find work, care for the elderly, invest in the poor, work and earn a living. Where the farmers living in it change; We will work faithfully to make it a beloved city of justice and peace. First of all, I have the opportunity to present this historic and beautiful city of Bahir Dar as the first deputy mayor. I would like to express my heartfelt joy and respect. The city of Bahir Dar is blessed by nature; Surrounded by the Nile and Tana, Contains many historical artifacts; Foreign and domestic visitors. Desperate and insatiable; It is a wonderful city with beautiful natural attractions.

The mayors and leaders who have led this city, which is a museum of nature and history, have made it so beautiful. The people of the city also deserve great respect and praise. The current leadership, taking the good from the old leaders as a starting point and developing the city, is a city of natural beauty and history. Just as young people find work, The old men will take care of it, Investors do not hesitate; The ones who earn it, Where tourists flock; Who live in it. Where farmers change; It is the desire of the government for society to be a beloved city of justice and peace. Therefore, when I take on this important responsibility today, we can develop Bahir Dar not individually, but with the active leadership and active participation of the community.

I believe, To achieve this, our city leadership has the ability; We organize by measuring purpose and performance. The city is only in the direction of planning and legal urban development. We will work hard to guide you. Our next focus will be on developing Bahir Dar as we wish. And we will work closely with our people to ensure that peace prevails. We will try to use a variety of job creation strategies to ensure the economic benefit of the city's youth. We work closely with the people to provide an efficient city service based on transparency and accountability. Investment access to our city; From scholars to make it an industrial center and to overcome obstacles in the sector; From the civil servant. And we will work with investors to provide the services that the season requires. Our city can only be governed by the principles of urban planning and the rule of law if it meets the needs of all residents.

Therefore, as we work to alleviate the housing shortage quickly, the lives of farmers around the city are at the same time. We also need to put together a flexible approach. We will also work to address the development and good governance issues of farmers under our city administration. We will carry out the day-to-day infrastructure expansion, which takes into account the rapid growth and expansion of the city. To effectively perform the above-mentioned essential functions: Accessible to the public; Morally built and accepted. As leadership is a key issue in all areas, action-based leadership capacity building and deployment will be undertaken. To this end, I call on all the people of our city to be active. Finally, with the full support of our esteemed people. We will beautify Bahir Dar even more !! thanks you. October 16, 2013 Bahir Dar